[EuroPython] All Europython Videos now available! :-)

Michael Sparks sparks.m at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 21:14:48 CEST 2009


This list is slowly getting smaller as some people come forward and
say "sorry, I really don't want a permanent record of my talk". Now,
whilst there can be lots of views on this matter[1], I'm taking the
view that honouring people's wishes (ie their feelings) matters more.
I do view it as sad, but I view people being upset as sadder. ( It's
generally lightning talks fwiw - most speakers knew we were recording
talks, since the proposal form explicitly asked for permission )

[1] My personal one is if you don't want people to report something
you have to say which is interesting don't get up, stand in front of
400-500 people and say it.... :-)

I would ask though, if you're thinking about asking this, please think
twice. I cringe hideously  whenever I hear a presentation I've given
or see a video of one I've given (I have no idea I talk that fast in
that context!). I think we all cringe when we see/hear ourselves.

However, I know from seeing other people's presentations that make
/them/ cringe are really useful and interesting and provide a
different view on the subject than something on slideshare or a blog
ever can so that they're worth keeping visible.

However, I also understand that some people feel different, and would
rather people feel comfortable speaking again at a future point in
time, rather than have anyone left upset who contributed by getting up
and sharing something they were interested in! :-)

As a side note, if you ever don't want a talk recorded, just say,
no-one will be offended.

If anyone has any q's please do contact me.



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