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Date: 2009/6/12
Subject: [Europython-improve] Audio Tech Stuff - Get your room today!
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I've just noticed that there are now 5 people who would like to help
with the audio recording.

This is great! It means that we can pretty much have a room each to be
responsible for. For days with 6 tracks, I'll happily look after two.

Don't worry this doesn't mean you have to stay in the room all day. It
just means that you have to pop your head in during breaks to get the
recording and check everything is still ok.

I've edited the wiki page
(http://wiki.europython2009.eu/VolunteersByActivity) to have a table
(It seems to be what the other cool kids are using). Please sign up to
a room, so we don't repeat our efforts. I've not signed up to any
rooms yet, as I want to others first dibs.


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