[EuroPython] London - Birmingham

Zeth theology at gmail.com
Tue Jun 16 17:35:18 CEST 2009

2009/6/16 Massa, Harald Armin <chef at ghum.de>:
> Zeth,
> thank you for this valuable information. Additional request, maybe you have
> this information available:
> - WHERE do I buy tickets for the train?

>From the station on the day. Or you can buy them in advance see
http://nationalrail.co.uk/ for rail times and ticket costs.

The rate you pay for British train tickets is notoriously over-complex
compared to some countries. There are advance fairs, off-peak fairs,
concession fairs and so on. If unsure at a station, get the automatic
ticket machine to give you a price and also go to a manned booth and
ask for the price, you sometimes get different results.

> - can I pay per credit card / mastercard or do they accept Euro?

Most European Visa branded cars tend to work in the UK, Mastercard
mostly also. No one will take Euros sadly.

>   (if not: is there a normal-priced ATM available at Birmingham
> International?

ATMs in England legally have to say if they charge a withdrawal charge
for taking out money (over your normal bank's settlement fees). If it
says "this machine costs X to withdraw money" then walk to the next
machine, there are loads everywhere.

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