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> Well, first you'd need to build a robot that you could control using
> python. If you wanted to do that yourself, a place to get components
> and parts would be the MUTR website - http://www.mutr.co.uk . Then
> you'd want to be able to interface from python to the robot. For that
> you could either use an arduino, controlled over the serial port
> (using pyserial), or using a velleman k8055 board, and the python
> bindings for that. (the latter is more direct, the former has more
> tools - both are fun IME).
> that gives me the impression that you know  A LOT about building robots &
controlling robots with Python. How can I persuade you to give a talk about
it at EP 2010 ?

Or, if that fails: I will spend you some pints (guessing that is what the
English are calling their beer?) for explaining to me how to learn this
stuff (esp. the soldering, fixing, checking stuff)


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