[EuroPython] [pyconuk] Europython Videos on their way...

Michael Sparks sparks.m at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 23:55:55 CEST 2010


Many thanks for the comments guys. I'm bowing out of this discussion
now, since it should be noted that _resources_ are the primary issue
really. (My understanding is that the Pycon US kit requires more than
one or two people trying to film all the tracks in parallel ...)
_People_ and kit specifically - in that order. Software is much
simpler. (esp given awesome people like yourself and others have been
writing stuff :)

Since /people/ are hard to come by[1], I'm aiming to adapt approaches
from work for very low end kit. In terms of what I'm thinking of is a
low end version of a system developed at work called "ingex", which
can be found here:
But that's completely the other extreme from what I'm thinking. (It's
based primarily around uncompressed SD and uncompressed HD, and
presenting it in a form suitable for immediate editting in an edit

[1] I had 3 awesome volunteers this year[2] - which meant we had
managed to record 1.4 tracks this time vs about 0.8 tracks last year
(when it was just me videoing).

[2] Marijn Vriens, Richard Barran and Walter (who only gave his name
as Walter or WalterPy :-)

That said, DVSwitch looks very interesting and very cool - many thanks
for the reference - I'll take a look and a play :-) Looking through
the FOSDEM slides, it looks like people is a problem for you too, so
I'll keep you posted (if you're interested) off list about what I'm

Anyway, as I say, I'm bowing out this discussion for now. I'll post
links to the videos once they're up. (Probably about tuesday for the
transcode & upload to be completed at a guess)



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