[EuroPython] mobile phone prepaid card

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Mon Jul 19 00:08:05 CEST 2010

On 18 July 2010 22:14, Martin Kaufmann <m.kaufmann at fz-juelich.de> wrote:
> Can anybody recommend a prepaid card for mobile phones in GB and where
> to buy it in Birmingham centre?
> Are there prepaid cards with UMTS/GPRS flatrates on a daily bases?

The call charge is not great at 20p / minute, each £5 top up on a
Three PAYG SIM comes with 150 MB of data allowance. The Three store is


or if you see me tomorrow I have a spare, I'll be wearing a red crew
shirt. Otherwise I think Orange charge 50p/day for 'unlimited'
browsing. You can buy the vouchers at any news agent. We have wireless
coverage throughout the conference.

Alex Willmer
Alex Willmer <alex at moreati.org.uk>

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