[EuroPython] Fwd: Plone Conference 2010 Earlybird rate ends in 9 days

Alex Willmer alex at moreati.org.uk
Thu Jul 22 20:30:57 CEST 2010

Hi All,
 Just to give any of those who are thinking of going a poke, we are
hosting the 8th International Plone Conference here in Bristol at the
end of October and the bargain earlybird rate of £250+VAT for the
3-day conference ends at the end of the month.... just 9 days time!

So if you are using Plone, or interested in Plone, or just want to
come along and find out a bit more about it (or just want to come for
the mini beer and pie festival) then go register your tickets now:


We are expecting over 400 delegates from around 30 countries to be
attending, with over 50 talks, plus training, sprints, and an
un-conference day.

For those of you wondering 'what the hell is a Plone?!', Plone is an
Open Source python web content management system used by all sorts of
organisations worldwide (Oxfam, NASA, Warwickshire Police Force,
Novell, etc) for their public websites or intranets. It has been under
active development for almost a decade, with over 10,000 svn commits
to the core system in the last 12 months alone.

As a slight aside... if you want to see how quick it is to get up and
running, here is a screencast I just did at Europython yesterday in
which I go from nothing but python installed to fully installed and
running Plone instance in under 3 minutes:



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