[EuroPython] Looking forward to Florence!

Fabio Pliger fabio.pliger at s3srl.com
Fri Nov 19 10:15:48 CET 2010

2010/11/19 Michael Sparks <sparks.m at gmail.com>

> *Where* was this written? I've been periodically searching using
> google and found nothing about planning for europython 2011. The 19th
> of which month for example? How many days are planned for? Is it
> suggested to be during the week or during the weekend?

Hi Micheal,

Sorry, i misspelled ( typing error )... I wanted to type "as Giovanni

He wrote just another thread about 30 minutes before my post... I was
refering to that post ( [EuroPython] EuroPython dates ). Here's what he

2010/11/18 Giovanni Bajo <rasky at develer.com>

> Hi,
> my name's Giovanni Bajo and I'm part of the EuroPython organization as a
> member of Python Italia Association.
> I saw a couple of messages asking information on EuroPython dates. Sorry
> for breaking the thread, I just joined the list.
> We are still finalizing the dates, but we're settling on week 25 (June,
> 19-26). A tentative schedule is:
> Sunday 19 - Monday 20: Tutorials
> Thursday 21 - Friday 24: Conference
> Saturday 25 - Sunday 26: Sprint
> It's still on the flux, though the dates will be finalized soon. We're
> also planning to bring the website online before Christmas, so to have
> an official channel for announcements and information.
> We don't have an official calendar for call for paper, registrations,
> etc. yet.

> I must admit I was getting concerned because of the complete lack of
> visibility.
> On the flipside, I'm sure you think your planning is transparent, so
> please take my comments above as constructive (letting you know how it
> seems at a distance), rather than negative!

Not at all! I'm sorry if we were a little bit slow about speaking about
EP2011 but we had many "burocratic" and strategic work with locations,
caterings, etc.. So we didn't want to comunicate imprecise information.
Maybe *some* information is better then *None* information...
All constructive comments are well accepted! Thanks

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