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Fabio Pliger fabio.pliger at s3srl.com
Sat Apr 9 18:48:53 CEST 2011

2011/4/9 Charlie Clark <charlie.clark at clark-consulting.eu>

> Am 09.04.2011, 16:10 Uhr, schrieb Giovanni Bajo <rasky at develer.com>:Sorry
> if you don't like my tone. I'm only trying to raise awareness of the current
> legal situation. As you are aware neither your status as a volunteer nor
> ignorance of the law is not likely to be much of the defence in the,
> admittedly very unlikely event, of a legal challenge.
> <legal-stuff>
> The EU directive was not particularly well-drafted and explicitly forbids
> the use of cookies on a website without the explicit consent of the user in
> advance. Cookies that "are essential for the technical provision of a
> service" may be exempted from this. Although the law is supposed to enter
> into force by 25th May 2011 it must be implemented in each individual nation
> state and the EU Commission normally gives countries at least three years
> before initiating procedures. However, the jurisdiction on this is not clear
> for such a patently international process: what happens when the law is in
> force in country X and not in country Y. Because the law is so poorly
> drafted it is likely to open the door at least to test cases and at worst to
> serial injunctions leaving it up to the courts to decide exactly how to
> interpret it.
> </legal-stuff>
> I hope this helps clarify my comments.
Giovanni and Micheal already pointed my tought. I just want to add that we
are all programmers and geeks, not lawyers. For legal issues we do have
advisors as a non-profit association. You have all your rights to ask any
doubt or need and we'll answer and fix if the issue needs fixing. Still, for
legal issues we'll always check with our legal consultant first.

I didn't like your tone either. You should ask before blaming. And if you
think we are not doing things right you can propose fixes or propose
yourself to do it as a volunteer ( just like every organizers this years and
in the past years ). As organizers we do a really hard hard hard work to
make things go for the best and fit everybody needs. We don't have any evil
intentions about using your personal in any way we are just trying to make
the website easier to the user respecting italian laws. I hope i'm wrong on
your intentions because if I'm not wrong I think you deeply misunderstood
the Europython conference ideals and goals.

Said that we'll check your recommendations.

all the best

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