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Hi all,

The start of the conference, at first scheduled on June 19th Sunday, has
been*delayed to the following day, June 20th, Monday* in order to optimize
the use of the available areas at Mediterraneo Conference Centre. *The
end-of-works date remains unchanged*.

The shifting of the opening day to 20th June allows to hold the 5 Talk
Sessions and the 2 Hands-On Training Sessions in the same days, June
20th-24th, while keeping the following weekend (June 25th and 26th)
allocated for the sprints. Notice also that the partner
program<http://ep2011.europython.eu/partner-program%22> will
start on June 18th, Saturday, the weekend *before* the conference, to let
our delegates join their familiies in the tours without conflicts with the

Thanks to this change, this year delegates will be able not only to attend
one of the 5 talks in 5 different tracks, but also join one of the very
detailed 4-hours hands-on trainings, to gain a much better understanding on
topics. Hands-on trainings will focus on actual source code examples
(bringing your laptop is strongly suggested!) and are a better fit for
people that prefer to get their hands dirty deep into the code!

The new EuroPython Agenda will be as below:

   - *June 20th*: Opening day of the conference. In the morning the keynote
   session will be held, with special guests soon to be announced.
   - *June 20th to 24th*: Regular conference, with up to 5 parallel tracks
   from morning to evening, and 2 parallel tracks for hands-on trainings.
   - *June 25/26th*: Coding Sprint. Two full days of quick hacking on Python
   core and libraries, with the guide of experienced developers.

more info available at:

Fabio Pliger
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