[EuroPython] SIM cards (Hotels)

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Thu Feb 17 18:34:05 CET 2011

Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> On Thu, 2011-02-17 at 18:00 +0100, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>>> As for the wifi, please consider that we will have a special deal for
>>> prepaid SIMs, with tethering included
>>> (http://ep2011.europython.eu/mobile/). So one might evaluate this option
>>> (especially if he/she owns an unlocked phone) rather than buying the
>>> wifi in the hotel.
>> That's an interesting option. Would I have to reserve one of those
>> in advance or will there be enough on arrival for everyone ?
> You will be able to reserve one (or more) SIM through the website after
> you've bought a ticket. This should allow us to pre-activate the SIMs
> for you, so that you can grab them the moment you arrive and they will
> be already working.
> People might want to buy more than one Italian SIM for enjoying cheap
> calls with their partner/family.

Fantastic !

> Alternatively, you can ask for one at the registration desk; we're
> trying to setup things so that we can get you a SIM in half a day, but
> the operator might take up to 24 hours to activate it, which would
> obviously be a shame.
>> I tried finding out how to get an Italian SIM card in Germany, but
>> it appears to be a bit difficult from abroad due to the local
>> regulations in Italy. Even buying one in Italy, I would have to
>> get a local tax number (for whatever reason).
> We will take care of all the administrative details. We will need a copy
> of an ID (that you will be able to upload in digital form through the
> website).
> Also, we are aiming at prepaid SIMs which are "geek-friendly" (with data
> plans, tethering, no VOIP/Skype filters, good speed even on 2G if you go
> visiting the countryside and you need Google Maps, etc.). Given that we
> know the market, our hope is that you can simply rely on our service in
> bringing a good SIM to you without having to sort out the details
> yourself. 
> Obviously, we will be publishing all details about traffic costs etc.,
> in case someone wants to investigate alternatives by himself.
> It's just a bit too early right now, since we were going to finalize
> these agreements with mobile operators by the end of March. You might
> want to buy a ticket earlier than that, and you will obviously be able
> to buy SIMs later with a different transaction.

That's a great service you're willing to provide there. Thanks.

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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