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Tue Mar 8 18:27:12 CET 2011

We have just opened EuroPython registrations; Early Bird period starts today
and is characterized by a special fare, that provides up to a 30% discount
compared with Regular rate.

Validity periods for our rate are the following:

  * **Early Bird** rate starts on March 8th and ends on May 13th;

  * **Regular** rate starts on May 14th and ends on June 12th.

Remember that if you register before April 17th, you will be able to take part
to the [talk voting][1]! Don't miss your chance to contribute to the final
schedule of the conference by expressing your own preferences on what talks
should be selected!

## Fares and Tickets

Beyond the different rates (early and regular) we provide also **different
types of fares and different types of tickets**, for best conference access
for all attendees; we want to optimize costs for every attendees, both those
who attend the whole week and those who attend just a couple of days.

We discern private fares from company fares (higher, but tax deductible). A
special fare is dedicated to young students, that we acknowledge to have a
smaller budget, to allow everybody to take part to the event.

The different types of tickets are the following:

  * **Standard**: valid for all conference days (from 20th to 26th), provides
total access to the whole conference (talks, hands-on trainings and sprints).

  * **Lite**: valid for all conference days (from 20th to 26th), provides
access only to talks and sprints; access to hands-on trainings will not be
allowed. This ticket is suggested only in case you are running short on your
budget for the conference.

  * **Daily Pass**: this ticket provides same features of a Standard ticket,
but it is valid only for a single day. You will be able to specify which day
you are planning to attend.

Over the [registration page][2] you can find a table summarizing all different
ticket features.

## Sponsors

We are currently pursuing [sponsorship deals][3] with companies interested in
visibility at EuroPython 2011. As you know, EuroPython is financed partly by
entrance tickets and partly by sponsor companies. Bring to our notice any
company interested in sponsorship by simply sending us a [email][4], and
contribute to the success of the conference!

## Call for Papers and Guests

As usual, EuroPython will feature **famous speakers** (we're waiting for the
first confirmations!). We will offer everyone **wi-fi facilities** included in
the entrance fare; and don't forget the **lunch and two coffee breaks
included** too for every conference day.

As we anticipated at the opening of the Call for Papers, we kept the
**community voting** of talks alive; we'd like to see more and more
participants to join this new tradition launched in Pycon Italia!

Remember the **Call for Papers is open**, so if you have nearly made up your
mind to propose yourself as a speaker, this is the right time to send us your

We remind everybody that you can follow the updates on the conference, in
addition to this blog, both on the [official Facebook page][5] and on the
Twitter profile [@Europython][6].

   [1]: http://ep2011.europython.eu/talk-voting

   [2]: http://ep2011.europython.eu/registration/

   [3]: http://ep2011.europython.eu/sponsorhip

   [4]: mailto:europython-contact at python.org

   [5]: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EuroPython/196457473701266

   [6]: http://twitter.com/europython

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