[EuroPython] Changing a personal ticket to a company one

Giovanni Bajo giovanni at pycon.it
Wed Apr 25 02:05:02 CEST 2012

Il giorno 24/apr/2012, alle ore 23:48, Marius Gedminas ha scritto:

> Hello, dear organizers!
> I've bought a (personal) conference ticket and hotel reservation early
> on, because I wasn't sure my company would decide in time how many
> people it could afford to send to EP this year, and I didn't want the
> hotel reservations to run out.  Now they have decided, and want me to
> re-register for an official company ticket.
> I've already paid (through PayPal), and I'm not sure it isn't too late
> to get a refund, and also I'm not sure how I should go about asking for
> it.  Well, I did click on the 'Refund this ticket' link out of
> curiosity, and it popped up a box asking for a reason -- which I
> neglected to provide, thinking I could repeat the process -- and now
> that ticket is frozen with "refund pending", and I can't enter the
> reason again....
> I'd also hate to lose the room reservation in the main hotel (although
> room sharing reservations for quadruple rooms appear to be still
> available).  Personally, I'm fine with paying out of my own pocket, but
> with a company ticket EP would get more money, which is also nice...

You did the right thing: you asked for a refund on the previous ticket and room. We will approve and process the refund in 3 days, as specified.

The refund interface is still rusty, but it helps us on the backend side of things. We will eventually improve it.
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