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Sun Feb 12 21:07:30 CET 2012

Pycon US registrations are closed and you didn't make it? Look no further: we
are happy to officially announce EuroPython 2012, that will be held in
Florence, Italy, on July 2nd-8th!

Following last year's success, we are happy to host you again in Italy for an
even bigger event. With our projections, we expect **more than 800
partecipants** this year! We also delayed the conference a little on the
calendar: by slipping into July, we are moving from high-season to mid-season
as Florence tourism goes, and that will surely help a lot for travel
arrangements, hotels, and everything that goes around the conference itself.

## Conference structure

We carefully analyzed all the feedback forms we received last year, and we are
still doing so. We are trying to gather as much feedback as possible,
specifically about those areas where we tried something totally different
compared to previous EuroPython editions.

One of these differences was the structure of the conference: given the low
level of attendance on the tutorial days in 2009 and 2010, we went for
something radically different: we increased the conference length to 5 full
days, and scheduled the trainings in parallel to regular talks. The name
change (from "tutorial" to "training") might seem minor to veteran
Europythoners, but it helps conveying the basic message that trainings are not
just for beginners.

The net result has been very positive: training sessions have been very busy
on average (a couple of sessions had more people on each one than the total
number of attendees at tutorials in 2010!) , and feedback forms say that 62%
preferred this format compared to that of previous years.

We're thus confirming the same structure: **the conference proper will be from
Monday 2nd to Friday 6th, while sprints will be on Saturday 7th and Sunday

## Book your flight now!

If you know that you're coming (and that includes 79% of the people who filled
the feedback forms!), book your flight now! Don't wait for the conference
ticket: we will open registrations on March, but the price will be mostly
unchanged (no promises yet, but we don't foresee a revolution there).

Instead, we would suggest to wait before booking the hotel (or book just away,
but make sure to have free cancelation): in fact, we're trying to finalize a
**very special concession price for rooms at the conference hotel**. By
leveraging the large number of attendees and fixing a big number of rooms
immediately, we are hoping to be able to offer room booking (with also
integrated room sharing!) within the checkout process on our website. So give
us a few weeks to sort out all the details, everything will be ready when the
registration is open.

## Have something to share? Start thinking of a proposal!

While we are still finalizing the calendar of all the milestones between today
and EuroPython, we are surely opening the call for papers as soon as **this
week**. So it's a good time to start thinking of a good submission. Whether
you are a veteran speaker or a first-timer, we need you, your experience and
your willingness to share to make EuroPython the great conference that
everyone is awaiting!

## Let's keep in touch

We broadcast our announcements on different channels because we know people
like it so. Make sure you don't miss anything about EuroPython: you can follow
our [@europython](http://twitter.com/europython) account on Twitter, or
subscribe to our [RSS feed](https://ep2012.europython.eu/blog/feeds/latest),
or to our [low-traffic mailing-
list](http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/europython). Pick the channel
that suits you best!

Happy Pythoning!

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