[EuroPython] The future of Europython

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Mon Jan 16 21:45:09 CET 2012

Hi Fabio,

info at pycon.it wrote:
> Europython has become a primary python community event thus some
> considerations and decisions should be made. We'd like to share our thoughts
> openly and receive your feedback.
> ...
> With those premises we decided to take a public position towards the future of
> the Conference. **We would like to publicaly expose our openness to organize
> and run 2013/2014 edition**. 

Yeah :-) Thank you very much for making that offer !

> At the moment I didn't hear about any real and
> concrete proposal that is convincing enough about the fact that we won't have
> any slowdown in our conference growth, credibility and quality as well as not
> compromising the work that has been done by many people over the past 10
> years.

I haven't heard of any proposal either - I guess the size of the
conference is starting to frighten people who would otherwise not
have a problem with organizing it.

I certainly hope that some day PyCon DE will be able to host
EuroPython as well, but there's still a long way ahead.

> ...
> _Note:_ I'm not including tickets revenue in this consideration as we decided
> that we wanted a conference affordable to everybody keeping the prices as low
> as we could. Thus tickets average revenue was almost 0.

I think there's still some room to ramp up the tickets prices in
order to make the budget look healthier. EuroPython is the second
most important Python conference we have, right after PyCon US,
so you can safely use their (low) prices are guideline:


Capping the number of attendees as you've done in 2011 and starting
registration early is also a good way to make you feel more secure about
the numbers.

I also wonder how we could help in getting the number of sponsors
bumped up to higher levels. A lot of companies are looking for Python
developers, so recruiting is certainly one of the key arguments for
sponsors to invest in EuroPython. Another is product announcements
and presentation. Perhaps you could make those two aspects (even) more
interesting for sponsors in order to attract more sponsors.

Another argument I often hear from smaller companies is that
manning a booth at the conference is too costly for them
(not because of the booth signup fee, but because of the
staffing costs). Perhaps having a poster session or some
flat panel LCDs in the conference halls for unmanned
presentation would help make sponsoring more interesting to
those companies ?!

Thanks for keeping up the good work,
Marc-Andre Lemburg

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