[EuroPython] torrent for europython videos (was: Re: getting the video of the talk.)

Giovanni Bajo giovanni at pycon.it
Wed Jul 11 14:25:21 CEST 2012

Il giorno 11/lug/2012, alle ore 13:01, Thomas Waldmann ha scritto:

> There is a torrent for ALL the videos (40GB). You can also select just
> some or one of videos contained in the torrent using your favourite
> torrent client (like e.g. transmission on linux):
> http://t.co/z0zgeVCa torrent file
> https://gist.github.com/3080420 magnet link
> There are (finally) some real servers now at 100% and seeding, so
> downloading from there now should be much quicker than it used to be in
> the past 48 hours.
> I didn't look at the quality of the videos yet, but I think that should
> be the original files as published by europython video team.

We didn't foresee this need. Next year we'll take care of this with immediate seeding through the hotel's 100Mbit connection, so that mirroring to other faster servers should be fast enough.
Giovanni Bajo

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