[EuroPython] Europython warm up in Rome

Hynek Schlawack hs at ox.cx
Tue Jun 26 21:08:32 CEST 2012

2x +1 (i.e. two persons) from me.

Please stress we'd like a table with a good view. ;)

Am 26.06.12 20:59, schrieb Giovanni Bajo:
> Il giorno 26/giu/2012, alle ore 19:44, Horst Gutmann ha scritto:
>> Python, dinner, drinks, Euro 2012 finals ... count me in :-D
>> Does that Irish Pub we went to last year perhaps offer public viewing?
>> Would be close to the hotels ;-)
> Williams Pub.
> I just called them and yes, they will be airing the Euro final; they don't have overhead projectors, just TVs in each rooms, but I think it's fine. If you guys want, I can book there a few tables for you, I just need a final confirmation on the number. Can you +1 this if you can confirm 100% you will be there?

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