[EuroPython] Would love to schedule an "elephants dinner"

Lou Picciano Lou at Picciano.org
Thu Jun 28 21:10:39 CEST 2012

PostgreSQL (and Python) Friends,

I must tell you, I am increasingly sorry about not attending this 
conference... !!!

First, the thread about the Dress Code had me laughing at my desk! Now, 
discussions about eating elephants, and /with/ elephants!

Will the fun never stop?

Lou Picciano

> Tomasz,
> the elephant dinner will be on Tuesday evening.
> Gabriele will arrange a table; so, to make his job easier: everybody
> who wants to eat with Elephants, please let me know.
> To find us: talk to Gabriele @ the helpdesk on Tuesday, or speak with
> me. Many People @ EuroPython should be able to point you to me.
> Harald
> 2012/6/28 Tomasz Rybak <tomasz.rybak at post.pl>:
>> Any news on "elephant dinner"?
>> Or was it replaced by "SQL coctail", with risk that not everyone
>> wanting to attend will get invitation?
>> Regards.
>> --
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>> Fingerprint A481 824E 7DD3 9C0E C40A  488E C654 FB33 2AD5 9860
>> http://member.acm.org/~tomaszrybak

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