[EuroPython] Europython warm up in Rome

Hynek Schlawack hs at ox.cx
Sat Jun 30 22:20:06 CEST 2012

Yay, see you all!

If someone wants to meet up, I’ll be at the lobby around 19:30 wearing
my EuroPython 2011 shirt just come by and say hi.

Thanks a lot Giovanni!

Am 30.06.12 22:03, schrieb Giovanni Bajo:
> On 2012-06-30 20:23, Horst Gutmann wrote:
>> Hi :-)
>> Has there been some kind of reservation made? If so, where and when do
>> we meet up and is there perhaps still room for a couple more folks?
> Sure! I booked for 10 people at 20:00 at Williams Pub
> http://goo.gl/maps/syls
> (it says "Lopa Srl" on Google Maps for some reason, but that's the place).
> I think it won't be a big problem to add a couple places more.
> I suggest you meet up at the hotel at 19:30 and then you get there by
> walk (it's about 15-20 minutes if you walk slow as groups usually do):
> http://goo.gl/maps/ovzR
> Reservation has been made under the name... "Guido" :)

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