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Giovanni Bajo giovanni at pycon.it
Mon Mar 26 12:36:01 CEST 2012

Il giorno 26/mar/2012, alle ore 12:24, M.-A. Lemburg ha scritto:

> info at pycon.it wrote:
>> We are pleased to announce that the [community talk
>> voting](https://ep2012.europython.eu/talk-voting) is now open, and will last
>> until Sunday, 23:59:59 CEST
>> As you know, EuroPython is a conference made _by_ the Python community _for_
>> the Python community. This is the basic principle that we respect and that
>> makes us believe that the best way to select and filter the 200+ proposals we
>> received is through a public voting process.
>> We feel that the Python community is nowadays so diverse and rich that a small
>> group of organizers cannot fully represent it in choosing the talks. At the
>> same time, we want to make sure that only actual EuroPython participants will
>> be able to select the talks to prevent abuses, and this is why we will give
>> access to talk voting only to people that [buy a
>> ticket](https://ep2012.europython.eu/registration).
>> ## A few suggestions on voting
>> With over 200 proposals among talks,
>> [trainings](https://ep2012.europython.eu/trainings), and
>> [posters](https://ep2012.europython.eu/poster-session), voting will take some
>> time.
>> Make sure to take your time to analyze the proposals and express your
>> preference. We offer several different filters to help you wade through the
>> proposals, including a complete tag taxonomy that has been manually reviewed
>> and refined by our talk manager Lorenzo.
>> If you have some questions on a proposal, you will be abel to leave a comment
>> to the speaker: he/she will receive it in the mailbox and will hopefully
>> answer you and clarify the abstract for everybody else.
> Thanks for the announcement and congratulations for attracting more
> then 200+ talk proposals.
> One question: Can you give a rough idea of how many talk slots are
> available for the EuroPython 2012 conference ?
> I've just gone through the list and there are so many interesting
> talks, that you could easily fill two conference weeks :-)

We should have room for roughly 110 talks, 10 trainings and 10 posters. This is an estimate though.
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