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Giovanni Bajo giovanni at pycon.it
Tue May 1 14:17:11 CEST 2012

Il giorno 01/mag/2012, alle ore 11:46, Andrew Dalke ha scritto:

> I checked yesterday and today, and it looks like there no more room sharing for EuroPython for the conference hotel done as part of the purchase process. At least, it gave me a big red "no room available" for every option from double to quadruple room, for the time range 1 July to 7 July. I ended up buying my ticket without opting in for any room.

We're sorry but the hotel rooms are currently sold out. We've now disabled them in the cart.

We are working on this with the hotel, and with nearby hotels. We will see what we can do. Mediterraneo has been promising us additional rooms for quite some time, but they ended up not being available on the 2nd and 3rd of July, which makes them far less acceptable for us (given that we take the whole risk of not selling them).

Hotel reservations are a fluid process, rooms get continuously booked and canceled, and hotels like Mediterraneo basically manage to win the system by having high levels of (potential) overbooking; we will see what this week and the next brings us. It's also the first time ever that we sell rooms directly on our website (I don't think PyCon US has been doing it either), so we're learning lots of things in the process, in the way you need to discuss this with hotels :)

> Is there anything set up for room share otherwise?

Not that I know of, having a "passive" wiki didn't work out too well last year. You can try on this mailing-list, or if you use twitter and you mention @europython, we will retweet it to give it more visibility.

> Also, there is a typo in
> https://ep2012.europython.eu/hotel-concession#roomsharing
> the URL is
> https://ep2012.europython.eu/p3/tickets
> but should have the ending '/'
> https://ep2012.europython.eu/p3/tickets/

Fixed, thanks!
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