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It's time for PyBirra and PyFiorentina ... Our social events are released!
PyBirra on Monday (July 2nd) and PyFiorentina on Wednesday (July 4th)!

**PyBirra** is a goliardic time in the pubs of downtown Florence during which you can drink, chat and know each other Python programmers.

The event is hosted by one of the oldest pubs in Florence:

### James Joyce Pub

  * Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 1
  * 50125 Firenze
  * Tel: 055 6580856

**Important:** bring your EuroPython's badge, you will have any drinks at a low fixed cost!

## PyFiorentina

As explained in the [events page](http://ep2012.europython.eu/pyevents/),
PyFiorentina is a dinner that will take place Wednesday, July 4th to give all
our visitors the opportunity to taste the legendary **[Bistecca alla Fiorentin

We have arranged a special menu with a **fixed price of €37** with the
restaurant (Trattoria ZaZa). Have a look:

### First courses:

  * Tris di minestre: ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, passato di fagioli con farro  
_(Trio of soups: stewed legumes, tomato soup, bean and barley soup)_

  * Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini  
_(Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms)_

  * Ravioli strascicati  
_(Ravioli with rosee sauce)_

  * Fettuccine alla crema di tartufo  
_(Fettuccine with truffle cream sauce)_

  * Penne alla Boccalona  
_(Pasta with a special sauce from the chef)_

### Main courses:

  * Tagliata di manzo alla brace con rucola e salsina ZaZa  
_(Grilled steak with rocket/arugula and special ZaZa sauce)_

  * Tagliata di manzo alla brace con rucola e crema di tartufo fatta in casa  
_(Grilled steak with rocket/arugula and home-made truffle cream sauce)_

  * Tagliata di manzo alla brace con rucola e scaglie di Grana  
_(Grilled steak with rocket/arugula and Grana Padano)_

  * Coniglio ripieno al forno con spinaci saltati aglio e olio  
_(Oven-roasted stuffed rabbit with sauteed spinach with oil and garlic)_

  * Arista di Cinta al forno con fagioli all'uccelletto  
_(Oven-roasted pork loin and Italian white beans with tomato)_

  * Bistecca alla fiorentina, min. 3 persone  
_(One T-Bone steak, minimum serving 3 people)_

### Desserts:

  * Crema di mascarpone  
_(Mascarpone cream)_

  * Tiramisu al caffe  

  * Torta di mele alla ZaZa - ricetta segreta  
_(ZaZa apple cake - secret recipe)_

  * Vin Santo con Cantucci fatti in casa  
_(Sweet wine with home-made anise-flavored almond biscuits)_

  * Torta al cioccolato alla ZaZa  
_(ZaZa chocolate cake)_

### Drinks

  * Bottle Water
  * House Red Wine

## How to join PyFiorentina

Although the restaurant is fully available to us, **places are also limited to
220**, and reservation is mandatory. To book your seats in advance, you need
to buy a **voucher for the full amount of €37** through this website
(basically paying the whole dinner in advance). We will then give you the
physical voucher once you register at EuroPython, and you will need to present
the voucher at the restaurant as a proof of payment.

Please notice that it is still possible to order some extras by having a look
to the full menu of the restaurant. For instance, a true meat lover might want
to skip the first courses and go for a _whole_ T-Bone Steak to eat by himself;
in this case, you will need to pay the difference from the €37 voucher
directly at the counter.

Looking forward to your feedback ... Keep a light lunch!

[Book your T-Bone Steak!](http://ep2011.europython.eu/p3/cart/?f=VOUPE02)

The map show [both places in yellow
placeholders](http://ep2012.europython.eu/where), in order to simplify the

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