[EuroPython] Work on Call for Participation for EuroPython 2015 has started

Dinu Gherman gherman at darwin.in-berlin.de
Fri Jan 31 11:10:01 CET 2014

Hi Marc-André,

this call comes as a little surprise to me. To my knowledge after EuroPython 2013 in Florence there was a call for proposals for 2014 and 2015, following a rule saying that it would be wise to reuse locally accumulated knowledge at least once. Berlin volunteered to organized these two and the EPS accepted. Right? I'd much appreciate if you could elaborate on how the fact of posting your call can be considered an improvement in the EuroPython conference series, especially since the event in 2014 hasn't even happened, yet? 

As an aside, I'm much in favor of improving things, including the EuroPython conference series. Everything can be improved, for ever. But after reading a bit on europython-society.org I must say I'm finding the amount of helpful information or tools on how to organize an EuroPython conference rather underwhelming. Instead there is much text about the EPS bylaws, board, members and a general assembly. Not enough though, to understand e.g. how the board approves membership applications.

I've been to at least five EuroPython conferences, but I can't remember having given my vote to anybody in the EPS board. True, I'm not an EPS member, the same holds for thousands of others. BTW, how many members does the EPS have? europython-society.org doesn't tell, or I couldn't find the figure. Does it have enough to speak for the entire community?

A final remark, just weeks ago I briefly thought about becoming an EPS member without quite knowing the implications. I've changed my mind again, now, because I've seen too many organizations with members obsessed by themselves and the letters of their own rules rather than by their real subject. I'm glad I've missed that trap, so I can actually contribute something to a successful conference. Which is not to say that the EPS doesn't make a useful job, it's just maybe not always too obvious, at least for me. 



PS: BTW, I'm making a wild guess here, but the EuroPython list signature just maybe should rather read "21th-27th July" instead of "21th27th July".

M.-A. Lemburg:

> [Please help spread the word by forwarding to other relevant mailing lists,
> user groups, etc.; thanks :-)]
> The EuroPython Society (EPS) has started work on preparing the
> Call for Participation (CFP) for organizing the EuroPython 2015
> conference:
>    http://www.europython-society.org/
> For 2015, we are setting up a new structure for the conference
> organization, which is focused on local and distributed work groups
> that are closely integrated with the EuroPython Society.
> We hope to greatly reduce the work load for the local teams, attract
> community members that want to get involved and to streamline the
> whole process of transitioning from one location to the next, making
> the conference organization a lot easier for everyone.
> If you are interested in potentially signing up as local team or
> participating in the work groups, please subscribe to one of
> our communication channels:
> * Tumblr
>   http://www.tumblr.com/follow/europythonsociety
> * RSS
>   http://www.europython-society.org/rss
> * Twitter
>   https://twitter.com/europythons
> * EuroPython Mailing List
>   https://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/europython
> We are aiming for end of February as announcement date for the CFP 2015.
> Enjoy,
> -- 
> Marc-Andre Lemburg
> Director
> EuroPython Society
> http://www.europython-society.org/
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