[EuroPython] Pricing (was Re: Work on Call for Participation for EuroPython 2015 has started)

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Fri Jan 31 23:23:39 CET 2014

On Friday 31. January 2014 20.53.34 Andreas Jung wrote:
> I have to correct the 2013 prices: 165/315/370.
> Still the prices of the EP 2014 are in a range that make this conference
> affordable and reasonably priced.  Comparable conferences - often run only
> for two or three day - are more expensive.

It's worth dipping into the historical record for price information. Here's 
something I dug up:


Obviously, back then there was no distinction between individual and business 
rates at EuroPython. I see that PyCon this year is ~95/260/445 for the regular 
rates, and I think that apart from those choosing the corporate rate, the 
prices have remained fairly stable for the established conferences, 
considering things like inflation, longer conferences, more included stuff, 
and so on.

Back in 2007, the exceptional conference was RuPy which offered incredibly 
cheap rates for students, and I think we were all aware that EuroPython was 
going to look expensive in comparison and might end up being too expensive for 
the regional audience, particularly students, but there was no chance that 
EuroPython could discount rates aggressively to "compete" with RuPy. And of 
course, no-one was really competing with anyone else, anyway.


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