[EuroPython] "Pro rata" ?

svakSha svaksha at gmail.com
Thu May 15 13:49:19 CEST 2014


There was a Pyladies email regarding the FA and I was in the middle of
writing the application and realised I didnt quite understand what
this sentence means.
From, https://ep2014.europython.eu/en/registration/financial-assistance/,
"Get a standard ticket for free and we will cover the travel and
accommodation costs pro rata, depending on what you are applying for."

Sorry about the last minute query but can someone explain what the
"pro rata" in this sentence means? AFAIK, a standard dictionary
meaning states that the costs are not fully covered, so would it mean
that partial grants are given? - a bummer for folks from third world
countries like mine. I'm from India and the Rupee-Euro exchange rates
make travel and accommodation costs frightfully expensive, so from one
volunteer to another, I'd rather not waste another volunteers time by
making them read my application and then have to return the
prorata/partial funding at the last minute if I am unable to find a
sponsor for the remaining difference. Have I misunderstood what pro
rata means?

Thanks. - Svaksha  ॥  http://about.me/svaksha

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