[EuroPython] EuroPython 2016: Regular ticket prices

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Mon Feb 29 11:41:05 EST 2016

Hi Holger,

On 29.02.2016 17:29, holger krekel wrote:
> Thanks for the Info, Marc.
> How will the prices be for speakers?
> Will trainers be compensated (e.g. like Pycon US) or will you repeat
> the EP2015 mode of operations where they only got free entrance?

The details are listed on the CFP page:


Discounts for Content Contributors

Since EuroPython is a not-for-profit community conference, it is not possible to pay out rewards for
talks or trainings. For talks, posters,  help desk and organising a panels or interactive we will
give out a 25% discount coupon valid for one conference ticket. Trainers will receive a 100%
discount coupon to compensate for the longer preparation time.

This is the same as we've done in the past, except that we're
extending the discount to posters, help desk and organizers
of panels and interactive sessions as well this year.

Trainers are not compensated, since this would create a contract
relationship which would result in too much (tax, accounting,
registration and legal) work to deal with on our side. Unlike
PyCon US, we're still a 100% volunteer run organization.

Marc-Andre Lemburg
EuroPython Society

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