[EuroPython] EuroPython 2018: Call for On-site Volunteers

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Thu Jul 12 10:02:32 EDT 2018

Ever wanted to help out during Europython ? Do you want to *really*
take part in EuroPython, meet new people and help them at the same
time ?

We have just the right thing for you: apply as EuroPython Volunteer
and be part of the great team that is making EuroPython 2018 a reality
this year.

EuroPython Volunteers

Glad you want to help ! Please see our volunteers page for details on
how to sign up:

		    * EuroPython 2018 Volunteers *


We are using a volunteer management app for the organization and a
Telegram group for communication.


We have a few exciting tasks to offer such as helping out setting up
and tearing down the conference space, giving out goodie bags and
t-shirts, and being at the conference desk to answer all questions
about EuroPython, session chairing or helping as room manager.

We also have some perks for you, to give something back. Please check
our volunteers page for details.

Hope to see you there !

Help spread the word

Please help us spread this message by sharing it on your social
networks as widely as possible. Thank you !

Link to the blog post:




EuroPython 2018 Team

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