[EuroPython] EuroPython 2020: Going virtual / EuroPython 2021: Dublin, Ireland

M.-A. Lemburg mal at europython.eu
Tue Mar 17 05:46:15 EDT 2020

In our blog post on the COVID-19 last week, we were still hopeful that
the situation would improve in time for the event in July. The last
few days have shown us that we need to have a more realistic view on
how things will develop in the coming months:


Right now, we are at a point in the conference organization where we
have invested a lot of time into the preparation of the conference,
but have not started ticket sales, entered sponsorship agreements or
ordered conference and marketing material.

We also had discussions with the venue and caterer on possible options
to address the risk of not being able to hold the event in July due to
government regulations preventing indoor gatherings.

EuroPython 2021

In our EuroPython Society Board call last night, we discussed the
situation, looked at the options and decided to take the offer of the
venue to postpone the in-person conference to next year.

	 * EuroPython 2021 will be held in Dublin, Ireland, *
		   * from July 26 - August 1 2021 *

How about a virtual EuroPython 2020 ?

Since we all love EuroPython, the community and good vibes coming from
such gatherings, we are now considering turning this year’s EuroPython
2020 conference into a virtual event.

For this, we’d like to gather some feedback and have created a form
for you to let us know what your thoughts are on such a virtual setup:

	   * EuroPython 2020 going virtual feedback form *


If we go for the virtual setup for EuroPython 2020, the dates will
likely change a bit, so ticket sales will start a little later. For
now, we will leave the EuroPython 2020 Call for Proposals (CfP)
open. Please note that those talks will then have to be held from your
notebook/desktop without face-to-face audience contact. On the other
hand, many more people could join in, since there’s no travel
involved. We will aim to make the virtual event as interactive as

Code name: EuroPython Winter Edition

While we’re at it, we’d also like to use the form to gather some
feedback on the idea to have a winter EuroPython event, one where we
run a BarCamp/Sprint/Hackathon style setup in a smaller setting.

Help spread the word

Please help us spread this message by sharing it on your social
networks as widely as possible. Thank you !

Link to the blog post:




EuroPython 2020 Team

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