[Expat-bugs] original_string?

rwk@americom.com rwk@americom.com
27 Dec 2000 03:05:58 -0700

In the perl-xml FAQ at: http://www.perlxml.com/faq/perl-xml-faq.html

Q15 states:

"XML::Parser seems to be converting my text to UTF8. Is there a way to
 maintain the original encoding?

"Yes, the original_string method, which is available in version 2.19 or
 later, returns strings in their original encoding. The only drawback is
 that it will disable entity expansion. Also, you cannot use this method
 if you are using the XML::Parser::ExpatNB object, which was added in
 version 2.22.

However, I am running XML::Parser version 2.29 and there is no
"original_string()" method (which I need badly).

Can anyone tell me what's the problem?

Dick Kreutzer
AmeriCom Inc.