[Expat-bugs] [Patch #101459] Apache's compilation tweaks/fixes

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Wed, 27 Dec 2000 11:44:03 -0800

Patch #101459 has been updated. 

Project: expat
Category: None
Status: Out of date
Submitted by: gstein
Assigned to : coopercc
Summary: Apache's compilation tweaks/fixes


Date: 2000-Sep-09 11:17
By: gstein

several items in this patch: 1) rename lookup() to hashTableLookup() to
prevent possible conflicts; 2) rename "s" to "ss" to prevent variable
hiding; 3) remove an extraneous break; 4) add Apache-specific stuff to
xmldef.h; 5) rename "open" to "openchar"/"opentype" to prevent name


Date: 2000-Sep-22 11:45
By: coopercc

Some of these problems will go away with the library version. For instance,
the hashtable functions are now static and shouldn't be seen from the
library. So the patch isn't going straight in.

I'll go over the patch and see what I can use to merge into the library

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