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Patches item #835123, was opened at 2003-11-03 11:25
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Category: None
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Status: Open
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Priority: 5
Submitted By: Karl Waclawek (kwaclaw)
Assigned to: Karl Waclawek (kwaclaw)
Summary: Suspend/Resume functionality

Initial Comment:
This patch adds suspend/resume functionality to Expat.

The API is updated as follows:
- Added XML_STATUS_SUSPENDED to enum XML_Status
- Added function XML_StopParser()
- Added function XML_ResumeParser()
- Added more error codes and strings

The parser can be stopped (aborted) or suspended by
calling XML_StopParser() from a handler call-back.
Parsing can be resumed calling XML_ResumeParser().
For details check out the description in expat.h.

This API is subject to change, especially if it should
not be included in the Epat 2.0 release, in which case
it will have to adjust to the API changes intended for
Expat 3.0.

The attached file PatchDesc.txt contains a more
detailed overview of the patch implementation.
The attached diff file is taken against current CVS
as of the submission date of this patch.


>Comment By: Karl Waclawek (kwaclaw)
Date: 2003-11-05 09:52

Logged In: YES 

Attached is patch revision 3. 

No change in internal functionality.
Renamed fields and macros and renamed the API function
XML_GetParserState to XML_GetParsingStatus, as it
really does not return the parser's state.

Also renamed enum  XML_ParserState to XML_Parsing and 
introduced struct XML_ParsingStatus, which is returned by
XML_GetParsingStatus and now also contains the finalBuffer 
flag. I did this since it makes no sense to have to keep track
of this information externally if it is already tracked internally.


Comment By: Karl Waclawek (kwaclaw)
Date: 2003-11-04 09:28

Logged In: YES 

I attached a new patch file that includes one added API
function: XML_GetParserState(), which exposes the parser's
state with regards to being initialized, suspended or finished, 
returning this enum:

enum XML_ParserState {

Otherwise this patch revision is the same as the previous one.


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