[Expat-checkins] expat/conftools get-version.sh,NONE,1.1

gstein@users.sourceforge.net gstein@users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 17 17:28:01 2002

Update of /cvsroot/expat/expat/conftools
In directory usw-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv28608/conftools

Added Files:
Log Message:
Add some cygwin fixes.

* Makefile.in:
  - from cygwin: add -no-undefined to the library link line

* conftools/get-version.sh: (new file)
  - script to extract the version number from expat.h

* configure.in:
  (some from the cygwin patch)
  - update the prereq to 2.52 instead of just 2.50
  - update the AC_INIT line to 2.52 standards: include the package
    name, version (with a lot of gunk to get this), and where to send
  - update the output file generation to 2.52 standards

* make-release.sh:
  - update to use the new get-version.sh script

* lib/expat.h:
  - from cygwin: add a little define for CYGWIN

--- NEW FILE: get-version.sh ---
# USAGE: get-version.sh path/to/expat.h
# This script will print Expat's version number on stdout. For example:
#   $ ./conftools/get-version.sh ./lib/expat.h
#   1.95.3
#   $

if test $# = 0; then
  echo "ERROR: pathname for expat.h was not provided."
  echo ""
  echo "USAGE: $0 path/to/expat.h"
  exit 1
if test $# != 1; then
  echo "ERROR: too many arguments were provided."
  echo ""
  echo "USAGE: $0 path/to/expat.h"
  exit 1

if test ! -r "$hdr"; then
  echo "ERROR: '$hdr' does not exist, or is not readable."
  exit 1

MAJOR_VERSION="`sed -n -e '/MAJOR_VERSION/s/[^0-9]*//gp' $hdr`"
MINOR_VERSION="`sed -n -e '/MINOR_VERSION/s/[^0-9]*//gp' $hdr`"
MICRO_VERSION="`sed -n -e '/MICRO_VERSION/s/[^0-9]*//gp' $hdr`"

# Determine how to tell echo not to print the trailing \n. This is
# similar to Autoconf's @ECHO_C@ and @ECHO_N@; however, we don't
#  generate this file via autoconf (in fact, get-version.sh is used
# to *create* ./configure), so we just do something similar inline.
case `echo "testing\c"; echo 1,2,3`,`echo -n testing; echo 1,2,3` in
  *c*,-n*) ECHO_N= ECHO_C='
' ;;
  *c*,*  ) ECHO_N=-n ECHO_C= ;;
  *)      ECHO_N= ECHO_C='\c' ;;