[Expat-discuss] DTD validation

Chris Cross xcross at us.ibm.com
Tue Jun 24 13:28:31 EDT 2003

Hi Karl,
What's the basic approach you would use to build DTD validation on top of
Expat? I've built a VoiceXML interpreter using expat and just use the most
basic features, start/end element and character data handlers. Would you
parse the DTD and create some sort of schema or object model? Is there some
way to cause expat to use it or do you just call the validation in the
element handler?

>> --> Hope eXpat also does DTD validation.
>No, Expat does not do DTD validation, unfortunately.
>This is not needed in many cases, as applications often perform their own
checks anyway.
>One can build DTD validation on top of Expat, with the exception of these
>"Validity Constraints":
>- "Proper Declaration/PE Nesting"
>- "Standalone Document Declaration"
>- "Proper Group/PE Nesting"
>- "Proper Conditional Section/PE Nesting"


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