[Expat-discuss] Question regarding latest version of expat

White, Kevin W kevin.w.white at lmco.com
Fri Jun 4 13:07:13 EDT 2004

Yes, thanks a bunch -- this certainly seems to be missing from the files that I have tried downloading.

I may give this a bit of work over the weekend, but I have basically given up on what is in source forge -- I have spent too much time trying to get the newest release to work, and I have a release that builds without all of the headaches.  The problem is solved as far as I am concerned.  I may try again in the future to see if any advances have been made, but I would rather give someone like James Clark a donation for a version that is easier to implement.  I did not plan to spend my whole morning devoted to building this tool.

Thanks for the help!


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> Hmmm, I went to both web pages you suggested, which the first is where I downloaded one of the
file sets (didn't see a .dsw file though). I downloaded the link just under "15 October 2003,
Upcoming release."

The gzip file expat-1.95.7.tar.gz should contain everything, at least for building on Linux.
If the .dsw and .dsp files are missing it would be an omission, however, the win32 distribution
(file expat_win32bin_1_95_7.exe) contains them in the source directory.

> I have actually used the sf.net site pretty often, but never manage to find where to download
packages of files.  Clicking on <files> just seems to lead to areas where you can download
individual files.  I usually use this site to get to links where the source is <hopefully> packaged
in neat little zip or gz bundles.

As it is for Expat.
Did you really follow the README files for building on Linux?


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