[Expat-discuss] undefined entity - how can i fix it ?

Golibasku ceo at absoft-net.com
Mon Nov 15 05:13:34 CET 2004

Can you give me more information ? My XML don't have any DTD, i just want to 
use expat to get the content from it.

> Did you declare this entity in the DTD?
> If not, that is what you need to do, since in XML there are only
> very few predefined entities.
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> Subject: [Expat-discuss] undefined entity - how can i fix it ?
> Dear all,
>    in my xml document, there is a line which contains "©" - no quote. 
> Expat told me "undefined entity at line ...". It is the copyright symbol. 
> How can i parse the document successfully ?

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