[Flask] using flask to build interactive web apps

Franco Peschiera pchtsp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 00:04:46 CEST 2015

Hello everyone.

I am starting with Web programming using flask. In python I have some
experience but I am no expert.

I've been trying a few small things in flask to get a grasp on the

What I am looking for is a way to use flask to create things similar to the
kind of things I've already done with R language and the Shiny framework.

With this framework it is possible to develop small but highly interactive
pages that integrate via r packages with several javascript / html 5
libraries such as leaflet for maps and d3 for graphs (for me interactive is
when you do not need to load the page again to get data from the server).

I like the good integration flask has with databases and pages creation but
would like to be able to include easily powerful javascript /html widgets
without having to learn advanced javascript.

So some questions are...

   - Where do I start if I need to build this kind of applications?
   - What do I need to learn /use to be able build applications that are
   similar to these ones <http://shiny.rstudio.com/gallery/> using flask?
   - Is it that I need to learn a lot more javascript to create very good /
   complex templates to serve using flask?
   - How do I handle the Ajax calls from the page to the server to get data
   and do operations?
   - Is there similar python packages that complement flask in the same way
   there are R packages that complement Shiny such as leaflet and rCharts?
   - Is there some examples of web apps similar to what I describe built on
   flask? I am not sure what to look because I am not sure how to name them.

Sorry for the load of questions and thanks for any small help you can give

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