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If your application is for online ordering for a restaurant, and this is your first time doing this sort of thing, then I recommend using Heroku. They’re not cheap, but they’re rock-solid reliable, and they make the process of making edits and deploying them SO EASY. If your friend is going to use this website as part of his business, then you should absolutely be sure that things like backups and security are taken into consideration, and Heroku handles a ton of that for you.

If you want to go cheaper, AWS is a good option, but frankly you need to learn a lot in order to use it effectively. Digital Ocean is in the same boat. I think that Vagrant is only for development, not for deployment, but I could be wrong about that.

David Baumgold

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So I have a web application that I think will have, at most, 20 users in a day. I can't imagine that more than 5 people would be using the application in a 15-20 minute range of each other.

I have considered deployment with a few services; Heroku or AWS. I have looked into using VMware via Vagrant. I am at a point where I am not sure how choose the right service for my use case.

The application deals with online ordering for a restaurant. At the moment I have a small database for storing user credentials for the restaurants order tracking UI. There are no particularly large tasks that happen, i.e. file uploads or sending out mass emails.

Any guidance regarding a cheap, yet effective deployment for my application would be greatly appreciated. Fortunately I am doing this for a friends restaurant, so I have a testing ground. But the last thing I want is for users to have a bad experience, and think that my application sucks (obviously).

Looking forward to hearing some responses.

(learning web development with Flask, :+1: for the awesome tool.)
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