[Flask] Rest server

Vishnu badveli_vishnuus at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 30 13:52:36 EDT 2015

Hello All
My intention is using flask only as a rest server, clients issues rest request to get
Json data that is very huge,  I need to implement using route, initially client asks how many records he wants, based on this I will read the whole Json data in a file and send only so many objects and return a Json response on how many total requests the client needs to make and the current request number, client will further make more rest requests with remaining request numbers, could you please provide a python code for server implementation? The Json data is in a file and huge, how do we make sure server opens the file and skip so many objects that are already read and continue from there based on the client request numbers with some Python code to follow.
Thanks in advance for help,

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