[Flask] When will Flask 1.0 be released?

David Lord davidism at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 10:41:01 EST 2016

This has already been discussed extensively [on GitHub][1].  In summary:

The last update from mitsuhiko on that issue is from the middle of 
January stating that he is working on creating an org to better manage 
development and releases.  I can confirm this is in progress.

Target 0.10.1 if you need to target a released version, it is stable. 
Most significant changes are in Werkzeug and Jinja, which saw releases 
relatively recently.

Write tests, and run them against 0.10.1 and 1.0-dev.  I don't recall 
there being breaking changes, although I'm not sure.  If you have 
failures, please report them so we can either fix or document them.

Click integration can be added to 0.10 with Flask-Cli.  Flask-Script is 
also fine for most use cases.

Finally, if Flask is a major part of your product and you can't consider 
0.10 stable, *you* can help make Flask 1.0 a reality.  Contributions, 
whether bug reports, pull requests, reviews, or discussion, are always 
welcome and helpful.

[1]: https://github.com/mitsuhiko/flask/issues/1575

On 02/15/2016 04:10 AM, Rich Jones wrote:
> We are currently having a discussion around the architecture of
> flask-zappa[1], and a sticking point is which version of Flask to target.
> For our purposes, the management commands introduced in 1.0 seem ideal,
> but you can see why it seems strange for us to target a version of a
> platform which hasn't been released yet, and has no public target
> release date.
> The last public communique seemed to suggest Christmas, but that has
> obviously come and gone.
> So, is there any chance that we could get an update on the 1.0 Roadmap,
> and ideally a way to target a stable -dev version from pip?
> Thanks!
> R
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