[Flask] Passing a JSON array via **templateData in render_template

John Overbaugh joatgm at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 15:32:20 EST 2016

I created a 3-item JSON object (an array of items) and want to reference it
via javascript in my main.html page. I also have other template data I wish
to send (a nonce, a title, etc.).

   - When I exclude the JSON object, everything renders fine, but as soon
   as I add the JSON object to templateData, I get a TypeError that
   render_template() takes exactly one argument.
   - If I render_template with just the JSON object, the page renders OK
   (just missing the other data I want to have available like title and

Am I just missing something that's totally obvious, or is it not possible
to pass a JSON array along with other templateData?

entries = [
            'id': 1,
            'session': 1392596278493910,
            'time': '201611161227',
            'from': 'Device123',
            "Message1": "Hello, my name is Billy",
            'id': 2,
            'session': 1392596278493910,
            'time': '201611161229',
            'from': 'Tom1',
            'Message': 'Hello Billy, my name is Tom Riddle',
            'id': 3,
            'session': 1392596278493910,
            'time': '201611161244',
            'from': 'Device124',
            'Message': 'Do you know Moaning Myrtle?',

@app.route('/', methods=['GET'])
def hello():
    # Create a nonce for this page
    scriptNonce = random.getrandbits(64)

    templateData = {
        'title' : 'Tom Riddle Diary',
        'script_nonce' : scriptNonce,
        'entry_Collection' : entries

    r = make_response(render_template('main.html', **templateData))
    return r
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