[Flask] Question about SSL certificate on custom domain

陆 徐超 luseiee at outlook.com
Wed Oct 19 12:35:18 EDT 2016

Hello Everyone:

I'm a beginner to web development.

I followed Miguel Grinberg's book and develop the flasky blog system. I deployed it to Heroku.

Now I bought a new domain name and resoluted the domain to my Heroku domain. When using the new domain, I found that it can't pass the SSL certification when using https. (Of course, the original Heroku URL is https enabled.) There's always a red cross on the URL in my Chrome browser.

I bought a free CA from Symantec and got two files .key and .pem.. Can anybody tell me how to use these two files in my FLASK project and make the https function well?

And one more question. When I run my project with http using my own domain name, the user login state can't last long. I frequently need to login again. When I run it in https in Heroku domain name, it works well. Is that because the browser refresh the cookies under unsafe http browsing?

Before reading this book, I have barely no idea about web, HTTP, maybe the question is a little bit silly.

I hope someone could help me.

Thanks a lot!



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