[Flask] Search options for Flask

Alex Alex alex-alex-90 at wp.pl
Mon Sep 12 15:10:17 EDT 2016

I'm looking for a database search solution compatible with SQLAlchemy with sqlite and postgresql. At first flask-whooshalchemy seemed like a great option but it seems its development has stopped and it generates some compatybility warnings and according to this https://github.com/gyllstromk/Flask-WhooshAlchemy/issues/21 it requires SQLALCHEMY_TRACK_MODIFICATIONS to be set to True. But even after those changes it still misses some search result on text columns. So I like the idea how it 
supposed to work, but it is not working correctly in my case and it seems it is using deprecated options. 

Elasticsearch is another option but it requires additional process to be run and I would like to keep my architecture as simple as possible (and at one point I will need to run celery and redis to handle async jobs but that is future).

I could get away for some cases with SQLAlchemy filter.like('%%') queries but those will not handle all the search cases. 

My question is what are you guys using for searching through text data? What are your recommendations?


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