[Flask] Issue with Daemonization, Flask, and Elastic Beanstalk

Blythe Sheldon blythe.sheldon at gmail.com
Mon Apr 3 17:22:36 EDT 2017


I'm new to the list, so apologies if a question like mine has been
asked and answered before. I've created a Flask app that accepts text
input via a form, which then gets saved to the server and processed by
another script, which I've daemonized per my own scrappy daemon.py.
After deploying the app to AWS Elastic Beanstalk, I see that my text
processing script does not run. I don't have enough background with
mod_wsgi to know how to resolve this issue, and given the simplicity
of what I'm trying to accomplish, I want to use the most appropriate
daemonizing tool. I've attached the the error log output. If anyone
has any advice on how to fix this error, I'd appreciate it!

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