[Flask] Exposing bash commands over Rest API with Flask

Shmulik Avramson shmulikav at checkpoint.com
Sun Dec 3 11:12:24 EST 2017

Hi Flask community,

I'm using Flask to expose exiting (propriety) shell commands over Rest API.
Assuming I have "myCommand arg1 arg2 [arg3]" on my server,  I'm exposing new API as below:

URL: https://<IP>/myCommand<https://%3cIP%3e/myCommand>

As I have many commands, I prepared an XML file to automate part of the process.
The XML contains also validation for arguments and aggregate the API under features.

An example:
    <feature name="myFeature">
        <command url="/myCommand">
            <arg key="arg1" type="boolean"/>
            <arg key="arg2" type="int"/>
            <arg key="arg3" type="IP"/>
          <bash output="show/ignore"> myCommand {arg1} {arg2} {?arg3:arg3} </bash>

Now, with the above infrastructure, every person in my company can easily expose his own bash commands.

What do you think on the idea?
Are there any similar functionalities in Flask I can use instead of developing my own?
Assuming the answer is no, do you think it worth contribution?

Thank in advance :)

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