[Flask] Questions from a new user of Flask

Ziirish ziirish at ziirish.info
Wed Jan 4 06:02:53 EST 2017


* On Wednesday, January 04, 2017 at 11:50 AM +0100, Felix Louistisserand <felix.louistisserand at inria.fr> wrote:
> Happy new year ! 
> I am currently having some issues in the development of a web application, and it may be because of some misuse of Flask. If you could help me on this it will be awesome ! 
> As the application is still in development, the datas and the source code changes quite frequently. I noticed that after changing the templates I had to re-launch the server to make the changes occur. That was not a problem at first. However as my projected grew it began to happen that changes didn't took place, even after re-launching the server. I first thought it was a cache problem but the issues carries on over different web navigators (I tested Firefox and Chrome) and even in private navigation of after manually cleaning the cache. 
> I discovered that this problem doesn't only concern templates but all the static files too. 
> Is that a known problem ? I found no mention of it on the Internet but maybe someone already encountered it here. 
> Of course it could have no link with Flask itself, but for now I have no idea where else does it could come from. 

If think the configuration setting you are looking for is TEMPLATES_AUTO_RELOAD.
This option defaults to True when DEBUG mode is enabled:

> As a side question, I wonder what is the recommended method to pass arguments to javascript from flask. Currently I am doing it with a <script> field in my template, but it doesn't feel good. Is there a better way to do that ? 

I don't have an answer yet for this question. The best I found so far is:

But at the moment I'm stick with what you do (ie. managing my javascript code as
a jinja template)

> Thank you for your attention, 
> Felix 

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