[Flask] Jeff Levesque: integrating redis with flask session

Anthony Ford ford.anthonyj at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 09:33:00 EST 2017

Have you checked the offical Flask plugin, Flask-Session?

It has support for Redis, among other backends. Can be found here:

That being said, have you tested the redis server outside your application?
Are you sure you can connect to it?

Anthony Ford,
ford.anthonyj at gmail.com

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 11:55 PM, Jeffrey Levesque via Flask <
flask at python.org> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I'm trying to integrate redis with flask's session. My motivation are
> redis being more secure than the standard cookie implementation, and
> slightly better overall performance.
> I posted an issue on flasks official github repository, regarding the
> exact details:
> - https://github.com/pallets/flask/issues/2150
> However, the issue was closed, and I was recommended this email list.  If
> someone has implemented redis with flask's session, or have ideas, would
> you mind assisting?
> Thank you,
> Jeff Levesque
> https://github.com/jeff1evesque
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