[Flask] suggest adding a new extension

jonathan prieto prieto.jona at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 23:54:12 EST 2017

Hi Flask team,

We would like to share our extension `flask-ponywhoosh` in
We wrote it for a project some time ago using flask successfully. This
package provides full-text search
on databases using Whoosh and Pony ORM, flask provides the front-end, and
it easily pluggable.
The repository is http://github.com/compiteing/flask-ponywhoosh and it is
available in pypi.

Flask-PonyWhoosh <https://pypi.python.org/pypi/flask-ponywhoosh/1.0>
A search engine for flask using pony orm and whoosh.
Author: jonaprieto <http://github.com/jonaprieto> and piperod
PyPI Page: Package Documentation <http://pythonhosted.org/flask-ponywhoosh/>
On Github: compiteing/flask-ponywhoosh

Let me know any suggestion, hint or improvement or a feedback

Thanks in advance,

Jonathan Prieto-Cubides,
Felipe Rodriguez.
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