[Flask] Canella CMS, A New Content Management System Built With Flask

Musharraf Omer ibnomer2011 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 30 15:42:01 EST 2017

Hi Flask Users and Developers,

In the period between July and early September, I have been working on a 
kind of Content Management System (CMS) for Flask, however, I've just 
changed jobs, hence I found my self struggling to allocate any time to 
make some progress in the project.

Today, I am publishing the source code of the CMS project  (codename 
'Canella CMS') in the hope that it would gain momentum and thrive on the 
hands of the Flask community.

'Canella CMS' is a prototypical content management system, it has full 
support for creating, editing, and managing pages. Pages, along with 
their metadata, can be managed in an intuitive,  user-friendly WYSIWYG 
interface by an authorized user. Aside of this 'Canella CMS' has the 
following features fully implemented:
* Beautifully designed administrative interface based on Flask-Admin, 
with a custom layout using Material Design and bootstrap in the frontend.
* Multiple Page types.
* Seamless and arbitrary page nesting
* Comprehensive page metadata and slugging support
* An interface to manage static content (such as images, documents, and 
audio files ...etc)
* Versioning and revision history support for page content using 
* A fully functional blogging system, including categories and post tags.
* A Reusable user-comments system (currently implemented for blog posts)
* A Powerful inline-editing system for pages and blog posts
* A Custom WYSIWYG interface  for creating dynamic HTML forms and 
publishing them as pages and exporting them as a CSV file.
* User accounts and user profile using flask security
* A Powerful editable settings system, for users to edit several types 
of settings in a friendly manor within their browsers
* A Simple, Material Design inspired user-facing web site design.

Simplicity and customizability are the overriding principles of 'Canella 
CMS' design, I am trying to create the absolute set of
  features that make up a CMS, while leveraging the Micro-ish nature of 
Flask to leave out many optional features for the end-user to implement.

The source code of 'Canella CMS' is published on github:


I want to get the community's feedback on this pre-alpha version, Are 
there any critical bugs or limitations in the currently available 
features? What are the other features a CMS is required to have? and all 
sort of suggestions and ideas.

I am also looking for contributors, repository maintainers, and if the 
project is embraced by a Flask mammoth, I will be more than happy to 
transfer the ownership of the entire project to him or her if a 
potential has been realized.

Please review the source code, run a local copy of the CMS, or even 
install it on your private cloud playground, and please send us your 

Kind Regards,

Musharraf Omer

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