[Flask] Deleting Flask tables conditionally

Young,Spencer P spenceryoung at ufl.edu
Mon Mar 6 15:45:59 EST 2017

Suppose you add a record to your `Package` table…

    student_id = 12345
    new_package = Package()
    new_package.student_id = student_id

Now suppose you want to remove that record from your table… You must query and retrieve the record you want to delete, then delete it.

    package_to_delete = Package.query.filter_by(student_id=12345).first()

Does that make any sense?


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I your solution but this isn't working at all to my surprise. I can create rows in tables but I can't delete. I tried a dozen solutions from google. But mine don't work at all. Please advise.

On Sun, Mar 5, 2017 at 11:18 PM, Corey Boyle <coreybrett at gmail.com<mailto:coreybrett at gmail.com>> wrote:
Please clarify... by "table", do you mean "row" or "record"?

Regarding deleteing, I think this line
package = Package()
Needs to be replaced with a query that returns the single object that
you want to delete.

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