[Flask] License Requirements for ports

Markus Unterwaditzer markus at unterwaditzer.net
Tue Jan 23 12:20:41 EST 2018

No, the BSD license is not viral at all. The properties you describe are found
in the GPL-family of licenses.

To be clear, derivatives of a 3-clause BSD licensed program can be any license,
or none. You have to keep the copyright notice of the original author though.

I don't think this mailing list is the correct forum since licensing is a topic
independent of Flask.

-- Markus

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 11:44:47AM -0500, Drew Bednar wrote:
> Hi Flask,
> Could someone please confirm that I must use the BSD 3-clause License for a port of flask_mail to another framework, since that package uses said license? Do I have to cite that this is a port, and if so where do I state that?
> Regards,
> Drew

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